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I am barely three

I don’t know why you hurt me.
You told I am pretty
That I am cute like a doll.
And you hurt me?
Why Uncle Why?

Was it because you saw
Someone who dressed provocative.
Or because you watched 
Movies that are vulgar?
And you hurt me!
Why ?

Was it because someone said no,
And you couldn’t impose yourself on her,
Because she was stronger than me?
I didn’t understand what you said.
I am barely three!
And you hurt me!
Why Uncle why?

But I said no 
When you hurt me
Didn’t you hear that?
Why didn’t you listen to me?
And you hurt me.

My dad says I’m his princess,
That I’m prettier than a doll,
He never hurts me.
My mom says I’m the apple of her eyes,
That I’m cutest than the cute,
She never hurts me either.
But you hurt me!
Why Uncle why?

I didn’t break anything,
I didn’t do any bad job,
I didn’t hurt anyone,
And you hurt me?

When asked for a toy,
My mom said no.
When I cried she told,
No means No.
Why didn’t you hear my no
Why my No didn’t mean No to you
And you hurt me!
Why Uncle why?

When my mom wanted a bigger house
My dad told no we can’t have it now
When my dad wanted a new car
My mom told no we don’t have enough money
They told me that one day we would get those
We have to earn our way towards those
They didn’t rob someone else 
Because someone else had what they wanted
And you hurt me
Why Uncle why?
Because you thought I had what you wanted?

So what if a lady walks by,
And you are attracted to her?
Why do you have to harm her?
Because she is attractive?
I find flowers attractive,
But I never hurt them.
My mom told it’s our duty
To take care of them, not attack.
And you hurt me!
Why Uncle why?

Jeans or skirts you see
And you want to hurt me
I say no, you won’t hear me
You can see but not hear?
Didn’t your parents teach, that
No means No?
Why didn’t they?
Were they bad people?
Did they hurt you too?
Didn’t they hear when you said no?
Why you hurt me?
Why Uncle why?

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