The Break-up

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They looked at each other, yearning to be there for each other. They wanted to make it work. 

At times, it was awkward to go from ex-boyfriend/girlfriend to boyfriend/girlfriend. One would think that it is hard to maintain the relationship as ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. But they found out that it is harder to maintain the relation when status changes from ex to current. Now they have to tread carefully not to hurt each other’s feelings with the doubt lingering in their minds ‘Is he/she right for me?’.

They pretended that everything is alright. They ignored the screams inner voice made. How can anyone blame them? They loved each other so much that they were there for each other regardless of their relationship status. 

She felt that he is not utilizing his potential to the fullest and he felt that she is advancing a lot ahead for him to catch up with her. He thought that her world was big and he was a tiny being there wherein fact she did everything possible to accommodate him in her busy life. 
They both were dubious that how long would it possible to walk without stepping on the inevitable but they never shared their doubts with each other. 

But today they saw it, together – the once familiar places and moments staring at them like they are from different time-space continuum. Today they realized that it doesn’t matter that they love each other and they want to be together, they just can’t be together.

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