Image via Vidya Sury.

He put on the costume, transforming into someone else to please the crowd. The real him, pulling the wagon hard, to make the two ends meet, remained hidden under the guise very well that his miseries were invisible to the common eyes. Is he loosing a bit of himself in all the cheers, he wondered!

55 words fiction written based on the above picture prompt 55 on Fridays hosted by Write Tribe.

 Also linking this to Write Tribe Pro Blogger – Day 11,  NaBloPoMo October – Day 11 at Blogher, Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 11 and Ultra Blog Challenge – Day 11.



One thought on “Disguised!

  1. Disguised or taking other personality he will entertain crowd to mk his ends meet. He might show a happy face but behind that lies the worry of feeding his family.


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