In search of Happiness

Pic via The Moving Quill
I saw glimpses of me,
Laying on the beach with you,
Ignoring my arrival, you whined
about work; spoiling rest of the vacation.I touched you soothingly,
When your thoughts wandered aimlessly,
But adamant were you,
In shaking off my presence, worrying about tomorrow.I’m Happiness  – find me yet?

Linking this 49 words poem to the Fiction Challenge ‘From 15 to 50′

Word prompt: Happiness
Phrase Prompt: ‘On the Beach’
Picture Prompt: Above Picture

Also linking this to  Write Tribe Pro Blogger – Day 13,  NaBloPoMo October – Day 13 at Blogher, Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 13 and Ultra Blog Challenge – Day 13.

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