Winter Magic!

The winter is coming in few weeks. Her favorite time of the year. It didn’t matter to her that it was cold and snowy. The icy puddles never succeeded in bringing down her spirit during winter. In fact, the snow covered earth made her happy.

Pic via Pixabay

Kate was always in love with winter. It was magical for her. Her pains waned and torments vanished when winter made the appearance, every year. Was it the cold numbing the troubles or her mind picking up some tricks to cope up with the distraughts, she never knew. But she was sure, winter made her happy, happier than ever.

All good things happened when it snowed. She met Josh two years back while skiing. He proposed to her a year later while they were enjoying ice skating. It was a sweeping surprise for her, as he pulled her back and everyone else moved to the side. They were at the centre of the rink. He got down on one knee with a diamond ring on his hand. The stars hanging on the giant Christmas tree behind them twinkled happily. She was speechless. That was much more than she could ever imagine. Tears welled up in her eyes as she said “Yes”. Everyone cheered as their love brought them one step closer.

This winter Kate is getting married to Josh. The wedding got delayed because of her mother’s death and then Josh meeting with the accident which almost took his life away. She shuddered as the turmoil started to flash inside her mind once again. She looked out the window where trees were shedding colorful leaves.

Pic via Pixabay

It is almost winter. In few more weeks, winter will come to bring happiness all over her life.

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