The Proposal.

Pic via Google Images
Pic via Google Images

She was thrilled as he got on one knee, gently taking her hand and let the words out, “Will you marry me?”

Though they never told each other how they felt, both of them knew that they loved each other. After all, there is something mysterious about those untold words, as they tried to speak their heart through gestures; love is undying when words are carried through gestures!

As she was about to say “yes,” he stood up and asked “How was it, Amy? You think she will say yes?”

Heartbroken, she said “yes, who wouldn’t? ” then he took the ring and put it on Amy’s finger, taking her by surprise and said to a teary-eyed Amy as they embraced each other, “That’s what I was hoping you would say, my dear.”

Written based on the prompt – Marriage for Five Sentence Fiction hosted by Lillie Mcferrin.


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