The Scare

7-year-old Neetu and her 4-year-old brother Nitin were playing in the yard in front of their house. It is her responsibility to watch her little brother when they play outside without any adult supervision. But she knows that her mother keeps an eye on both of them from somewhere inside the house. Neetu was never sure how her mother knows things – what she does, who started the fight first or who got whom into trouble, all that her mother knew without being physically present at the scene. Nevertheless, it is Neetu’s responsibility to take care of her younger brother.

So when the homeless guy opened the gate she wasn’t sure whether to call her mom or to take Nitin inside because she was afraid more than anyone. Neetu was always scared of the homeless guys. The untidy look, the sunken eyes, the out-of-place appearance, and the unkempt beard and moustache, it just scared her. Her mother used to tell her stories about how the homeless guys kidnap kids and break their legs or hands and sent them out for begging. It all added to her phobia. She always hid behind her mom or dad whenever a homeless guy was in the vicinity.

And this guy looked so dirty with overgrown moustache and beard. She wanted to run from there. But she was confused at the same time because this guy knew her name, both of their names. He called them as if he knew them very well. Maybe that’s his trick to kidnap them. Maybe he was observing them and learned their names. Then he moved forward and picked up Nitin. Neetu screamed, “He got Nitin” and ran towards her mom, crying desperately.

Hearing all the commotion her mom came out. Neetu was surprised to see her mom smiling at the creepy guy. He asked her mom, “Why is Neetu screaming and running away from me?” “That’s probably because of the way you look,” replied Neetu’s mom. “It’s your Uncle Neetu. Don’t you recognize him?” “Just give me 5 minutes to freshen up,” said her Uncle looking at the scared Neetu as he went inside.

Minutes later appeared the clean-shaven Uncle and Neetu was no longer scared!

Written in response to the tag by Lata and Arpita.

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