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Pic via Pixabay

Pic via Pixabay

“But, I love tea!” Riya was furious.

“Can’t you just go one day without tea?”Dan wasn’t in his pleasant self either.

“You know, I don’t drink coffee, Dan.”
“Why you are getting so upset over tea!” Exclaimed an irritated Dan. Then he spotted tears welling up Riya’s eyes. “Don’t cry. I get it, you and tea has some connection that I can’t possibly understand. I will stock up our pantry with tea for eternity.” As Riya smiled through tears, he was still confused.

Miles away Riya’s twin sister, whose existence she wasn’t aware of, was savoring a cup of tea.

100words on Saturday

 Written for 100 Words on Satuday 2015 #1 prompt The tea leaves told the story hosted at Write Tribe.

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