My Superhero!

I hear the footsteps rushing towards me, nothing can I do to hide from his reach once he gets hold of me that would be it for me my head, falling victim of his drumming talents my head, spinning and pounding until the knight in shining armour arrives Ibuprofen, what would I do without you! … More My Superhero!

An Everyday Story!

And there he is at my door again. He is knocking with all his might. And I rush to usher him inside. As usual the chaos never subsides. My phone chimes, kid wails, husband talks, dishes waiting, and what not! There my favorite visitor is waiting and I can’t tend to him. My head is … More An Everyday Story!

A moment with silence! #NaBloPoMO #NaBloPoMo15

Silently stepped in the silence, Unnoticed, unperturbed! Greetings exchanged graciously, Spreading smiles pleasantly, Silently I gathered my fears, Locking them away for the time being, Settling in, to have a silent chat, In my solitude, finding peace, For a moment, the quietness lulling me, Silently I feel tranquility at its best! Written for NoMo at … More A moment with silence! #NaBloPoMO #NaBloPoMo15

The Fight

Riya ran down the stairs as the doorbell kept ringing. “Didn’t I tell that I will open the door” She barked at Mia, who was clearly happy to open the door on time. “Losers weepers” mocked Mia. The trick-or-treat voices were drowned in the sibling fight leaving the kids perplexed. 50 words drabble written for … More The Fight

Who Am I?

Who am I, I ask myself, A woman, a mother, a wife, It changes every time I answer. Who am I, I wonder, Why am I defined by the roles I assume? Why my role changes with people around me? Who am I, I ask, The hard question I ever faced! Is it that label … More Who Am I?