Fast connection for a smoother life!

How many times had I opened the browser and stare at the empty page with just the circle rotating giving me the illusion that the page I am waiting for is going to be loaded any second now. Just the illusion stays! I could finish my house chores and come back to the screen, it would be still doing its spinning trick.

Slow internet connection is one thing that makes our India trip a bad experience. I, being the blogger I am, needs my internet connection every day, and night. Who knows when the musings will strike? And my musings can’t forever wait for a reliable internet connection like a prince charming who might or might not arrive, can they now? Trapped in my head or on a piece of paper, they are bound be gone missing by the time my blog editor loads. Could I be any more unhappy?

My husband works all the time, even when we are on vacation. Yeah, tell me about it!! *rolling eyes*. He has conference calls within and outside India. These calls are always coupled with his laptop turned on, sending emails and whatever blah blahs they do. Obviously he needs a stable and reliable internet connection for that.

Our 5-year-old needs the internet more than both of us. Oh no, he is not addicted. But at times he wants to watch his favorite shows which only YouTube can deliver. And what do we need for that to happen? Yep, you guessed it right. The internet connection, a stable and fast one at that.

The connection we get back in India is very, very slow. And when the power God decides to make a disappearing act, which happens quite a lot, nothing works.

But now the story has changed. Airtel is changing the story, by making the slow internet connection old news! Airtel has rolled out 4G services nationwide across 296 cities. What’s more exciting is that Airtel’s 4G service is available at 3G prices.

Wait, it gets better! You can get a 4G SIM with just a tweet! Yes, just tweet #GetAirtel4G and your new 4G SIM will be delivered at your doorstep for FREE! Could life be any more simpler?

Having a 4G connection means I can get online, without the hassle of waiting, and blog away my musings. Getting online depends only on me from now on. I don’t have to wait for the Internet Gods to shower their blessings upon me, even better power outages doesn’t affect 4G connectivity. With an Airtel 4G connection, Internet Gods are already pleased and blessings are showered, liberally! Having a 4G connection means that my husband doesn’t have to wait around with his work. Fast connection will definitely help him in finishing his work soon, and sooner he finishes his work, sooner we can enjoy our vacation. And our kid, he can enjoy his shows on YouTube without getting frustrated while the video is buffering!

The next India trip is going to be a smooth one with Airtel 4G, I am sure!


9 thoughts on “Fast connection for a smoother life!

  1. Yes, internet wise life is going to get faster, smoother and easier. i have already used 4G internet when we shifted to Bangalore and it is unbelievable. The speed was faster than what we used to get even in UK but it costed a bomb. Lets see how does it go from here with the 3G prices.

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