Wordless Wednesday 40

‘Thulasithara’ at my in-laws’ house.

An everyday scene,
sometimes unseen,
Lush green boasting its elegance!

Linking with #ThursdayTreeLove hosted by Parul.

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27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 40

  1. I used to keep Tulsi at home more for home remedies than religious purpose, but somehow I could never take care of it due to frequent travels etc.
    Your words compliment the picture beautifully, Vinitha. Good to see you back πŸ™‚

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  2. I don’t know if the Tulsi really protects you or not but I find that when my Tulsi does well, things go well in the house. Equally when it starts looking sickly, there are a fiew ups and downs

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  3. Tulsi plant used to be so common and I used to find in most of the houses, very reverently kept in front of the house, I don’t get to see them now.. i was looking for it to bring it home…. hopefully I will find one day:) its a cute pic .

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    1. That’s great to hear. In Kerala, all houses from the previous generations had this Thulasithara in the front-yard. Now with more flats popping up everywhere, these are going to become non-existent soon.


    1. Yes, most of the houses in Kerala had Tulsi when we were growing up. Now its presence is becoming lesser. We use it for making ‘chukkukaappi’, very healthy. I know, it’s hard for the plant to grow in cold weather. All the best for your Tulsi plant, Ramya.


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