Cloudy & Dark #WordlessWednesday 62


Cloudy and dark
Some days, so it appears
Spectacular or uneventful
Casting a look so delirious
Some days, it so happens!

Laden with doubt
Shadows of gloom
Weaving a tone so bleak
Some days, are never easy
When it is cloudy and dark!

Joining Esha and Natasha for #WordlessWednesday this week.


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4 thoughts on “Cloudy & Dark #WordlessWednesday 62

  1. Love the moodiness of the sky and how beautifully you have woven a verse into the picture! Dark and gloomy days are never easy to tackle, but I think we all have our share of such days and one day, they too will pass! Until then, we just have to bear them. Thanks for linking up with us for our #WW linky party. We’re almost ready for our next one, so see you again, soon! 🙂


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